Ecological Mind - Strengthening the Immune System

Through Activation of the DNA Alignment
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Strengthening the Immune System through

Activation of the DNA Alignment

We would like to convey to you some very important and powerful knowledge about the way you can strengthen your immune system. In this day and age, it is very significant that we all work toward the achievement of this goal.

We are about to experience many kinds of "attacks" that will challenge our physical body, and which not all human beings will be able to survive. This is a part of a natural filtering process that will occur in the universe.

The process of era changes has already began and some souls will choose to undergo it outside of their physical body - "climb up", undergo the right development process and come back to the new age when they are already upgraded. You shouldn't fear or let  sadness get inside you. This is a time of great excitement and joy - new and amazing times are coming.

In order to enable those choosing to stay in their bodies to go through these times, we have to act and strengthen our body. A physical body that will be ready and strong, will know how to cope with the challenging times and survive them.

There are many kinds of methods to strengthen the immune alignment.  We are, of course, talking about energetic  strengthening. Every one of you is invited to choose their own way but it is not enough - you have to add reinforcement to your etheric body. The etheric body is one of the bodies that surround your biological body, whose task is to filter external elements inward. The stronger the mechanism  – the better the protection!


The process of strengthening the immune alignment – the Physical dimension

1.      Enter into a meditative mode. Imagine that you are inside of a huge crystal that surrounds your body. Imagine the colors of the crystal, feel its walls around you.

2.     Look inside your body and find out your DNA strand. Look at it, look at its colors and shining spiral shape.

3.     Send a clear command to your DNA strand to act in order to strengthen your immune system. This is your way of giving a "programing command" to this mechanism. Imagine how this command is moving inside your DNA strand and imagine the colors operating inside the strand.

4.     Add a clear intention to self-defense against any possible object that might attack your body or soul: bacteria, viruses, diseases and any other kind of destructives.

5.     Imagine how the DNA strand is revolving around its own hinge and magnetizing white blood cells. The white blood cells are getting inside, doubling and tripling themselves, and millions of them get out through the lower part of your DNA strand straight to your blood circulation.

6.     Imagine how the white blood cells are spreading inside your body through your blood circulation from head to toe -  a whole army of white blood cells that are now ready for the "battle".

Repeat this process every day for one week and any time you feel  your system is getting weaker. Tell as many people as possible about this meditation. It is highly important to start this process now and prepare your body to whatever happens next.  



                                                        Next step:

The process of strengthening the immune alignment –

protecting your etheric body

We perform this phase by charging your aura, sealing holes in the aura and highlighting the colors inside the aura.

Imagine yourself inside a crystal. A red ray is getting down from the upper part of the crystal. The red ray is orbiting your body, charging your aura and balancing its color. Now do the same with all other aura colors:

·         Red

·         Orange

·         Yellow

·         Pink with green

·         Blue – indigo

·         Purple

·         Golden white




Imagine the way each layer is creating another protection around your body. This prevents  the entering of hostile objects to your space. The aura should be totally closed in order to avoid any kind of disease penetrating your body.

And finally – imagine a net of crystals surrounding your body. This is an energetic protection net that knows how to filter undesired entities and prevent them from getting  inside you.

Dear friends, we are going to experience some very special times. You have the right tools to go through them and help your dear ones in the best possible way. Please do not fear and do not act out of fear, but out of the powerful inner knowledge inside you.


Written by Ms. Galit Bar-Yosef, Israel                               

 Translation: Ms. Ronit Haham, Israel