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The Entrance Ticket to the New Genesis                                                         Word document is available -  go to Documents



The Entrance Ticket to

                   the New Genesis


Channeled and written by: Michael Meir Asdo

Translation: Ronit Haham and Carol Dizent






I – Michael Meir Asado – whose angel Michael flows beside me, inside me, around me and in all my dimensions – I am pleased for the privilege I have of passing on this information. This information may lead us to the new genesis. It is a knowledge about freedom within all the dimensions around us; it is a knowledge about joy which we will learn to bring into our daily life and it is a knowledge that teaches us about simplicity. Therefore I give thanks for all the processes I have been through . Thanks to these processes and to the fact that I created them, I have reached the simple position of being a happy person.


Every paragraph in this book has several dimensions; therefore it is both a hard book and an easy one.  Hard - because we usually approach new things with older knowledge; in other words, we "already know"! We already remember – and in this way we express our difficulties with change. On the other hand, It is an easy book - because I am writing it  at this time. If we learn to develop our tools at this time, deep inside us – then we will discover that this knowledge already existed within us. If we learn to use this  knowledge - our life will be happier, easier and more divine.


Therefore, when you read this, please read with your head and react with your body. Try to read this and leave it as a bird above your head. Do not agree and do not disagree, just let yourself be free beside this knowledge and let yourself be an empty "tool" - as empty as possible.


Each time you read this, you will understand it in a different way and you will discover things that you didn't discover before. That is why I call it – "The entrance ticket to the new genesis". It is a multiple-event ticket, though! And you can use it all the way through.


Therefore if you read this book in joy and patience, you will be able to acquire new tools and revelations and you will change your life from a sacrificed entity into a divine entity and, as a divine entity, you will be able to bless everything you ever created and chose – because only this way will you be able to create differently.


We are now in a new era in which the inner divine spark, the one that has always been hidden and depressed within us, meets the external divine spark. We have to learn now that in order to reach the external divine spark and experience resonance from it, we must go within  into the divine spark within us, which is located at home (our body) in a vertical line.


The last time  this  was possible was 6,500 years ago in the previous genesis which symbolizes  exactly the opposite of what is taking place  nowadays – the mixing and sticking  of the feminine and the masculine.  What has happened since then is that the connection between the inner and external divine sparks became increasingly blocked. Therefore concepts such as love and god became strange and distorted in our eyes. They are concepts that we use whenever we have the need to be depressed, frustrated or sad and through them we are easily connected to what we don't have, to the feeling of absence.


Now (February 1999)  we can begin to experience once again the discovery  of the divine spark within us and the fact that concepts such as love and freedom are able to exist.


The vertical line inside you starts in your lower lip through your sexual organs (including your sexual organs) and its width is the width of your lips – this is your "home"  where your inner divine spark is located and where all the universe reflects back its light to you. Please be "at home" when you read this book. Don't be with me, but with yourself.


As a teacher and guide I know that nobody can really teach anyone else. You can only teach what already exists within them. Therefore in order to be the other side of the "tool" when you read this book, please be only yourself beside this information and beside the people around you; in this way you allow the flow of the universe, to the only and eternal light - LOVE, to pass between you and the people around you. You will feel part of this huge process of the new genesis and you will be able to sign a new and enjoyable contract between the divine spark within you and all the "substances" around you.


This means - between the divine spark within you and your body, between the divine spark within you and other people, between the divine spark within you and the food you eat and between the divine spark within you and the money that you pass on.


Even our soul that, in the previous   genesis was the essence and the height of  divine embodiment, even this is becoming a tool  full of the new spirit  - the same spirit of our middle line (our home) that separates feminine from masculine, but also connects them by light. Therefore please allow yourself to be the new spirit  and accept the new structure in the universe.


There will be people and souls who will experience the new structure as a distraction vis-a-vis whatever existed before. Or while changing  perception and consciousness, the fear of losing will arise very strongly, but if we "stay at home", in our vertical line – our middle line - we will experience the new order   created within  us and around us by the new spirit.


Until now the connection with the upper worlds has been conducted with little success from our head upwards. Now we are forming this connection not from the head but from the joy spiral within our body. Consequently the excitement, joy and expression will from now on come from the body and not from the head. Our head will be no more than a tool of the intellect. That  will  be its only mission : to define the state of our spirit; not  to explain the behavior of the spirit, but to define the situation. Then we will be able to feel the joy of our body when we eat, when we meet other people, when we experience sex and when we use money.


We live in order to change and change in order live.


I will be a live example for you and I will read this book from time to time; this book that "passed" through me. Each time I read it I absorb fresh knowledge from different dimensions and in this way this book will actually be the first one I have ever read.



The tool and the light


The tool is not able to exist, but only when the light  passes through it. The light is not able to exist, but only when it passes through the tool.


Therefore everything that exists in this universe symbolizes the tool and the light, teaching us about the tool and the light, fixing our concepts about "good" and "bad".


As human beings we attract the people who are our opposites in order to be tools beside them; tools where the light flows between us and within us. Therefore the people we attract are usually the people  we love very much or hate very much, because they will always "hold" the other side of the  concept  we "hold". Their reaction to life will always be the same as ours, because we  have a mutual need to develop with respect to the same issue. Our needs are mutual opposites each completing the other because they develop the perception, concept, or thought as a whole tool. 


Every tool that the light passes through consists of two sides: two similar sides, two opposite sides and two complete sides (like the right hand and the left hand). This is true of all the people around us : husband and wife, neighbor,  boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, children,  parents – they will always be the same as us, our opposite  and our complement. In this way every perception or thought in the world that we wish to "promote" is divided into two – two sides which match;  two sides of the same thing.


Therefore it is no accident we meet the people we gather around us –   for  we have to learn to flow bedside them and not with them.


In this way everything that flows in this genesis should flow beside and not with us. When we think about ourselves – flowing  with others, wishing for them, loving them, hating them, afraid of them or blaming them - we don't meet ourselves. We miss  the opportunity to gain the ability to be a tool within which the light flows!


Therefore  all the people around us are actually  mirrors  which show us what is missing inside us. If we learn to meet ourselves and to be "at home" in our middle line, beside what we see as missing, then we  become  whole.


Every entity of light, including the person in front of us, an animal or any other material, comes into our life in order to advance the issue of the tool and the light. This is actually the essence of the genesis. Therefore we create blockages  and fears and we call them illnesses and problems, because it is the only way we can promote the issue of the tool and the light.


I hope that when you finish reading this book you will thank yourself for all the problems and fears you have ever created so that you can advance the issue of the tool and the light within you. Because if you really wake-up you will find  that thanks to the fears and problems you have created – you are able to meet yourself and create a divine experience, a new dimension of light that didn't exist before.


Therefore I always thank the problems I have created, the fears, the long way, because without them I wouldn't have been able to attain comprehension, simplicity, joy. I wouldn't be able to experience the moment through the  revelation that: "I am the creator".


Therefore these days, when we sign a new contract between us and the substances around us it will create a laboratory of spirit and substance able to reveal happiness and divinity. Indeed It is important not to blame our mirrors because the first spiritual "law" is that we are  not really affected by others.


We are all supposed to promote the same perception, but we each look out of a different window. Thus, everything we project returns to us. I hope  that when you read this book, you will be able to change the projection of your need,  allowing a double light to come back to you. Allow yourself the experience of serving the universe and accepting service from the universe. Then the journey will be full of joy, ease, with no targets, because the only target that exists is the enjoyment of the way,  the journey.


Therefore, whenever we feel like blaming our parents, our luck, the government, our neighbor, or other people who apparently harmed us – it is very important to "come back home" - to the middle line in our body, breathe and understand  that we have created this situation and we must accept not the other person, but ourselves beside this situation.


In order to stop using our old patterns of behavior in the same tough situations  we create repeatedly – we have to understand that we create them and we will keep creating them until we  find the light inside them, the divine spark. In order to find the divine spark, we should be able to see and accept our part, our responsibility for this tough situation, because the divine spark wishes to pass through. This is why we create illness, pain or any kind of  problem, so that the light will  also pass through to them. We have to be there – in this tough situation and to flow beside it and then we can be a tool  which contains an ever purer  light.


Thus, the act of accusation creates anger and frustration and blocks all our physical and spiritual systems until we learn that  we are the creators. Then we will realize that we have to forgive ourselves and not others. So actually all anger is self- anger and actually we are always angry at ourselves because deep inside us we know that we are the only creators. In this way the anger leads to guilt feelings and guilt feelings lead to anger  and both tell us that we are still far  from  experiencing growth and development.


So just as we shouldn't eat soup with a fork, we shouldn’t judge the experience with the intellect and the head. What we have to do is to be at home, in our vertical middle line and from there it is much easier to meet our inner divine spark and forgive ourselves. In this way we approach a complicated situation with the right key so that one day we will be able to act with simplicity beside this complicated situation and we will be able to bless this complexity. We can act with simplicity only if we complicated things before. Now in these times complexity is over and simplicity is making a beginning, however it has to begin from our middle line, our inner home in our body and not from our heads.



The family Spiral


These days we are able to flow and accept the new genesis through the discovery of our middle line which is the vertical line in our body. Now right and left, feminine and masculine are moving to the side and enabling the middle line, which, in the previous genesis, was a darkened tent unable to receive the light and be fine tuned to its real dimension. All the light that  passes through us  purifies us as a tool, separates inside us the feminine and the masculine energy and thereby enables the meeting with the divine spark inside us – in this meeting I experience the feeling of completeness.


In a family the parents are supposed to be in a constant state of learning in order to find the thin line between being leaders and being led. Only in this way can we bring joy and light to the family, to the promotion of our perception and knowledge which is supposed to pass through us both as individuals and  as a spiral of the family.


Thus whenever we think we are worried for the other person - we wish something for him, only for him, or we would like to support him, to give to him - actually as parents we stay at the head of the family spiral but we push down as through a black hole. We feel that everybody is on our backs so we constantly react with  anger, frustration, and the fear of losing.


So in order to lead in life, the family and at work, whenever we have this tendency to worry this happens because I do not meet myself; I meet the helplessness inside me. We must agree first to be the light and to put  myself at the top of the family spiral. Whenever I feel I want  something for the other person – wishes which I cannot realize due to the nature of the energy and spirit worlds -  I have to locate myself at the head of the family spiral, open my hands and stay at home in my middle line. I lead and suddenly all those people I thought I should support and help are looking at me and being fine tuned by themselves. In this way the family spiral pushes me up, the act of leading is facilitated ; leading becomes lightness and happiness; I am both a teacher and  a pupil, a leader and  the led.


As a result I feel happy and they feel happy because I showed them the way.  They can now experience the process of transformation and transform their fear into drive. The problem becomes a source of strength and is transformed into tools with more light  passing through them. 


We frequently feel  relationships within the family suffocate us but  we choose these family members as souls to join us in our voyage. Our mission is to transform all these relationships - from relationships with our parents, children,  sisters and brothers, people from the places we live in and the toughest people that we are connected to – into a relationship with ourselves BESIDE them and not with them.


Therefore we must accept the necessity of being in a state of constant learning beside our children and our parents. In this state of mind we are not really learning from them, but allowing ourselves to express all the knowledge we already contain inside us. We do not really learn from the others; we learn only from what already exists within us.



The completers


As we already know, we are promoting the godly concept through the concepts of the tool and the light:


The tool is not able to exist, but only when the light is passing through it. The light is not able to exist, but only when it is passing through the tool.


Therefore, as human beings our main question is: are we a tool through which the light passes or not?


When the soul and our essence are IN our physical body and all our physical bodies and non physical bodies move in a spiral  from the inside outwards, that signifies that our physical body is a tool, that its essence is in the tool and the light passes through the tool.


A person - whose spiral movement in his physical and non-physical body moves from the inside outwards – lives with his "final completer" in the same dimension. That means that his physical completer exists and lives in another physical body.


The connection of the soul to the physical body is actually the guarantee of good health, self- renewal, growth and the emotional willingness to promote our perception. A person whose soul is inside his body will not develop severe illnesses and severe illnesses cannot exist inside his body.


Until  a few years ago we were connected to our alternative completers  and not to our final completers. Even if we really wanted we were unable to connect to the soul of our final completer. What characterized the previous genesis were illnesses, the inability to enjoy life, a fast death and the inability to promote ourselves. In most of the phases of the previous genesis we were only a small part, a small spark of a big soul we belonged to, and therefore we were unable to meet the big final whole. We could only meet a part of it.


Now we are entering the era of light and all the small parts of the soul are, like a puzzle, gathering and connecting to each other. In this new order we are, each one of us, once again a "main" (principal) soul and not only a small part of a big soul, but we will be fewer people in the world. This process will lead to the perfection of all of us.


In order to receive the parts of the soul that are missing, we have to heal the  wounds which disturb our soul here. Only when our injury is "repaired" (fixed) – can our soul  "land" and the process of receiving the other parts of the soul  begin.


As I have mentioned before, every concept, both physical and non-physical, and every thought that exists in this universe,  must , if the light is to pass through them, have two sides. Therefore the big question is: are we and our completers in the same dimension? - Only when we are in the same dimension can we be energetically and spiritually bound to our final completers.


This present period is actually the first where we are able to live and enjoy the perception of the final soul completers. As I have mentioned before – this ability is the guarantee of a healthy, long life where joy and wonderment become a part of our daily lives. Only when we allow love to pass through us beside (and not with) the completer, only then can we amend the concept of love and divinity. In this way we allow the only stream in the universe, which is neither good or bad for it is only love - to pass between us and our completer and to flow on both sides. Only this way can love  exist; only this way can attraction exist; only this way can you live beside the other person with continual renewal over a long period of time.


Chronic illnesses, emotional or physical, terminal diseases,  accidents, the inability to learn the lesson and a general feeling of inability to advance – can only exist when we are out of the genesis, when our soul is not inside the physical body, but in other bodies. In this kind of body, the spiral movement moves from the outside to the inside and in this situation we are in a position of physical and emotional crystallization.


I usually meet people  when their back is stuck to the wall and their tongue is outside their mouth! Actually, only when the tool is completely full with no ability to flow  - only then do people allow themselves to wake-up, only then does the soul announce that "she" wants to come back to the body and to renew the contract with the body.


Usually people whose soul has come back and connected to the physical body have experienced a huge awakening  and  started to meet the godly spark everywhere. These are the people who bless the problems, difficulties and pain that led them to wake up.


Therefore I propose calling your final completer, either to. sit down or lie down 40 centimeters in front of you, so that you may feel the white light  streaming between you and you may experience together the "whole" – not with your completer, but beside him/her! In this way the first era in which the essence of love is revealed can exist – this is the experience of the whole beside the other whole when the flow of the universe streams between the two of them.


Our completers are our strongest mirrors and I suggest you don't deal with the question whether the person you live with, love and are attracted to – is your final completer. What actually is important is our ability to meet ourselves beside the completer and not with him/her, so that we'll be able to let the light pass inside us and experience a self meeting that leads us to completion.


On that day we will open the tunnel inside us and experience the whole – we will allow ourselves to meet the other whole, our final mirror that is our final soul. When we meet our final soul this way we are actually entering the divine dimension where joy, growth and the ability to learn the lesson are the strongest.


The cloud of knowledge


The cloud of knowledge is located in the highest dimension in which all  concepts and thoughts are  neutral entities. Thoughts are entities of light that come to us according to what we "invite" in order to promote the concept  that we represent. Therefore all the thoughts that exist in the universe are not good thoughts or bad thoughts, they are not my thoughts or your thoughts. They are entities that come to advance us and  the process of revealing the light of the universe.


The thoughts enter the body through our forehead and nose (which energetically are the doors of our body). From the nose and  forehead they continue to the brain and from there, according to our needs, they block  the location that represents the idea or concept we want to promote. This is where we are not free and the light doesn't flow there. This is the place we have to heal. At this moment all our attention – both conscious and  unconscious -  is more and more focused on this place, whether through pain, touch or by attracting attention to it. A piece of clothing we buy may hide or expose it. In this way this place becomes the focus of our attention. It becomes like a small storehouse that  fills up  with our attention.


When this place is totally full, the thought that entered  there, which has already changed and has changed us, wants to escape and return to the cloud of knowledge. This is why the place hurts  and we have the need to change our character and the  blocked place into a place the light passes through .


One of the ways to return the thoughts to the cloud of knowledge is by dreaming. However I do not intend to try and understand, translate or analyze dreams, because when we do this we keep the thought in the intellect dimension and don't allow it to return to the cloud of knowledge.


As human beings we carry within us old thoughts that, as tools, we would have been very happy to return to the cloud of knowledge. In this way we will not feel guilty for holding on to something which does not belong to us, something that we were already supposed to bring back. Actually, our wish is to replace old thoughts with new ones because within us we know that we always get back what we project.


We are now at the beginning of a new genesis, a time when our essence would like to return all the old thoughts that were perfectly  suited  to our needs in the old genesis. We should enter our middle line now, our home, and allow all the old memories and old thoughts that are unable to serve us anymore, to go back to the cloud of knowledge. In this way we can change the thoughts in the "library" of the "knowledge cloud". We can give back the old thoughts and get new ones  that can promote us in the new genesis.


We should always remember that all the people around us always hold the same thought or perception as us, but they hold the other side of it. If we flow beside the other person - the light will pass through us and between us, but we usually  fail and fall into a trap:  we try to be the right one; we try to persuade the other person to think the same way we do. Thus, we are constantly frustrated. Being right is the strongest guarantee we will suffer. If we can remember that we  always meet the opposite person who holds the same perception but from the other side, we can be with ourselves beside this person. In this way we can be very pleased that we are so special and then we can deal solely with representing  our wonderful side and  not with the other person's side. We have no tools, no ability, neither the experience nor the lessons to understand or translate the  other side of the same thought.


Therefore – let's stop being right  and let's be happy with representing only ourselves. In this way we  will first be able to feel and experience what is passing through us. The stream of the universe is listening to us; the other person in front of us is listening as well and doesn't feel threatened. We are not threatened if the other side thinks differently from us. It will be the first time we are really listening to the other person and the other person is listening to us and to himself beside us.


This kind of communication creates nearness that creates completion. It creates health, joy in the family, at work, in our relationships, in our daily life instead of the constant frustration of the one who is right and always suffers, the one who nobody ever listens to, the one who keeps asking himself: "how come I always show them the light, symbolize the issues that  flood inside them and they remain the same fucked up people with no ability to learn


When it is so important for us to be right and we show the others their black spots  – the places they have to heal, it is  if we dazzle them with the very strong light of  a car. It is as if we are telling them: "Here I am! Showing you the light. How come you cannot see it?"


The only time we really learn and teach, amend what is taking place inside us and the universe, is when we are at home, in the middle line of our body  allowing the light to pass through us. When we are at home,  speaking about the thoughts that are passing through us, with the ability to describe the "film" that is projected inside us, without trying to convince the other person, only to give a simple  emotional "report", with the ability to meet ourselves in different dimensions – these are the only times  we can feel affected and affect the other person and therefore allow abundance to be inside us.


To reach this situation where we are able to report emotionally as a result of an inner self meeting, it is very important to remind ourselves again and again that the thoughts come to us as a result of our need. The thoughts are entities of energy, they are tools made of light whose purpose is to promote the connection between the inner and external divine sparks.


We are now at a time when the central energetic weight is moving from the head (where it was very heavy because the thoughts were stuck there) to the center of joy and lightness in the body. The head is supposed only to carry the intellect and the intellect is supposed only to define the essence and the state of the spirit. The intellect knows my condition  - be in awareness, excitement, blockage, happiness or any other process - but  the intellect cannot  know why I am in this situation – this is the mission of the spirit.


When transferring from the central energetic weight from the head to the center of joy and lightness in the body, we transfer ourselves to experience of excitement, joy and meeting with the godly spark in the body. We experience the ability of the body to be exited, to be happy and to breath when the body meets another body, the ability of the body to be a laboratory that crumbs the food we eat and dredges up the light from the food, the ability of the body to breath and enjoy the stream inside it.


Now we are experiencing the new ability of the body to rebuild and rejuvenate. This is the new center of lightness and joy that can exist in the body when the intellect inside our head only defines but doesn't know why. This is a situation of observation, the kind of observation we should experience not only 30 minutes a day when we meditate and the body is frozen and not excited, but 24 hours a day. Observation and watching  are actually  passive activities - but creative activities which  enabling us to enjoy anything the universe proposes to us or anything we create.


We are now living in a period of light as is anything that exists in all dimensions including our wishes – all is only light made of connected vibrations and frequencies. The body is exactly the same. It is not really the body; it is also made of connected vibrations and frequencies. Therefore we have to prepare our body which is a tool for us; we have to prepare it in such a way that much more light will be able to pass through it, transforming it into a body of the new genesis; a younger body, more grounded but at the same time with a greater ability to hover - a tool that is all about pleasure and a joy to live in.





 The fear as a drive


Every one of us has his own issue, concept or perception which he has to promote. Every one of us has this inside power or urge that pushes us to want, to reveal, to expose ourselves, to have this ability to meet ourselves in different dimensions. This is the same power that pushes us to be a more purified tool so that more light will pass through us. Consequently there are things that touch us because they are related to the concept we have to promote/develop and there are things that don't touch us because they are not related to this concept.


Our blood is like our soul.  Blood is the film with the shots that we have to "fix"; a film with the shots that we have to vibrate in order to be happier, purer tools. At night the blood enters the liver and just as we can edit a film, the divine spark "edits" the blood and chooses the shots that are ready to be fixed. In this way we announce to the universe that these are the shots we would like to fix.


In the morning we find ourselves facing the need the divine spark chose for us to fix. This is a different situation from yesterday's. This is the situation we are afraid of. It appears suddenly and powerfully and it seems as if it is bigger than us. This situation paralyzes us. We forget all we knew before, all we have ever experienced. The body shrinks and breathing stops and this is what we call  fear.


The fears will always remain fears, because they will always constitute the signals of the divine spark that show us what we have to promote, where we don't have enough light and where we are not free. It will always be this way because it is the only way to advance. In order to be able to fix, we have to learn to transform a complicated situation into a simple situation, to transform fear into a drive.


When  fear comes we are paralyzed because we perceive the fear to be an external entity; therefore we try to fight it and beat it. Fight and win are concepts of war, not  love. The concepts of war can only nourish fear and empower it.


When  fear arises – it means it is time for the thought that represents the fear to return to the cloud of knowledge.  At this point it is very important not to lose ourselves, to come back home to the middle line of the body while breathing and while saying: "I am coming back home to my middle line". You shouldn't analyze why the fear showed up now; you shouldn’t repress it, ignore it or fight it, because if you fight fear – it will grow like a member of a gang who invites all his friends.


We have to understand that fear is an internal entity that arises from within and shows us exactly where we are not free. If we allow this entity out  into the open to go back to the cloud of knowledge, we will be happier. Our eyes always see tomorrow, the next station, the next thing we have to promote; but we are never actually there – in the next day, in the next station - and so we will always see  fear.


We have to exercise our physical, spiritual and energy systems to react to what our eyes see while dancing and breathing. Usually when our eyes see the next station, the body becomes paralyzed; it becomes vulnerable  and insensitive, and so whenever we think about tomorrow, plan the future and wish to control it, fears arise. In this situation when we are afraid, we will not really allow things to happen to us because we project fear. As a result we will receive fear.


Whenever the tendency to want, to wish, to bless ourselves and others arises,   all we have to do is to go back home inside ourselves. In this way we repair the fear and we allow the universe to pass through us and beside us. In this paradoxical way, the meeting with the self heals the other person and allows his fear to be transformed into light!


In order not to be afraid of the fear, we have to practice and reread this chapter several times. Eventually we will reach a situation where we are afraid  but not paralyzed; afraid but able to bless the fear; afraid but able to understand that actually our fear is our strength; afraid but able to understand that the only way to reach many people, to be famous  and to reach a maximum resonation,  is only if we leave the fear behind but do not lose the ability to stay at home.


Many of us create situations of "nothingness"; no health, no money, no love, no ability to grow up. You create this in order to meet yourself, in order to reach the experience of self-meeting that touches you deeply inside and creates the balance between the internal and external in love, money and health. This is actually the main reason why we create the experience of nothingness as a reaction to the experience of the self.


When we were born we created the self by attributing the environment to ourselves: this is my mother, this is my house, etcetera. In this way we grew up from the outside inwards and this is how we define the self. When we grow up and have to transfer the self  from the inside outwards, to be a creative and purified tool, we create experiences  of nothingness with respect to certain issues – experiences  that after all, supposed to transform the divine perception and the paralyzed fear into a drive.


In order to receive the parts of the soul that are missing, we have to heal the wounds that disturb our soul. Only when our injury is "repaired" (fixed), can our soul "land" and the process of receiving the other parts of the soul  begins.


As I have mentioned before, every concept, physical and non - physical,  every thought that exists in this universe, must,  in order to become  tools through which the light  passes,  have two sides. Therefore the big question is: are we and our completers  in the same dimension?  Only when we are in the same dimension can we be energetically and spiritually bound to our final completers.


Now it is actually the first time we are able to experience, live and enjoy the concept of the final soul completers. As I have already mentioned, this ability is the guarantee of a healthy, long life when joy and wonderment become a part of our daily life. Only when we allow love to pass through us beside (and not with) the completer, only then will we amend the concept of love and divinity. In this way we allow the only stream in the universe, which is neither good nor bad but simply love, to pass between us and our completer and to flow on both sides. Only this way can love exist; only this way can attraction exist; only this way can you live for a long time beside the other person in daily renewal.


Chronic illnesses, emotional, physical or terminal diseases, accidents, the inability to learn the lesson and a general feeling of inability to advance  can only exist when we are out of the genesis, when our soul is not inside the physical body, but in other bodies. In this kind of body, the spiral movement  moves from the outside inwards and as such we are in a position of physical and emotional crystallization.


I usually meet people when they are desperate, their backs to the wall. Actually, only when the tool is completely full, unable to flow  - only then can people allow themselves to wake-up; only then can the soul announce that "she" wants to come back to the body and to renew the contract with the body.


Usually people whose soul returned and connected to the physical body have experienced  a huge awakening  and started to meet the godly spark everywhere. These are the people who bless the problems and difficulties  and pains that led them to wake up.


Therefore I suggest you call your final completer. He should sit down or lie down 40 centimeters in front of you and  feel the white light  streaming between us. We should  experience together the "whole" – not with them, but beside them! In this way the first "low" of revealing the essence of love can exist – this is the experience of the whole beside the other whole when the flow of the universe  streams between the two of them.


Our completers are our strongest mirrors and I suggest you not  deal with the question whether the person you live with, love and are attracted to – is your final completer. What actually is important is our ability to meet ourselves beside them and not with them, so that we can let the light pass inside us and  feel a self-meeting that leads us to completion.


On the day we open the tunnel inside us and experience the whole – we will allow ourselves to meet the other whole, our final mirror that is our final soul. When we meet our final soul this way we are actually entering the divine dimension where joy, growth and the ability to learn the lesson are the strongest.





As I have mentioned before – we, as human beings, function as a laboratory of spirit and substance. We can dredge up the spiritual energy only from  substance because we are unable to receive it directly. So we, as a laboratory, should absorb only the light from the food, only the lesson of growth and purification from the pain we have experienced.


There are three  issues which are very important to learn - how to absorb the spirit from food, sex and money.


Our digestive system starts in our mouth and ends in our rectum. The importance of the digestive system is huge because it matches the feminine  and the masculine lines inside us. Therefore the mission of the digestive system is to balance us, to supply energy and light and the ability to learn about flow – release and grab.


Therefore, the divine spark is located in our digestive system and it is the first system that gets blocked in a situation of fear, shrinking or emotional blockage.


In order to be balanced and through the digestive system to be fine tuned to our physical and spiritual needs, we have to open our digestive system and balance it by energetic work especially by choosing what to ingest.


Our digestive system is a smart, divine system that should "factorize"  ("decompose") the food into energy and light - and transfer them through the metabolic process to all the other systems in our body at different frequencies and different doses appropriate for each system. This is a system that works along the thin line between the feminine and masculine energies and therefore it symbolizes, more than anything else, the middle line – the divine home.


Thus most of the day we are busy, consciously or unconsciously, with the digestive system: we cook, we are afraid of the food, we are afraid to gain weight and we talk about it a lot. We direct most of our essence  and energy to eating and after we eat we suffer because we do  not receive enough joy and light from the food that passes through us.


In the last few years, especially with people whose soul is in their body, whose essence is in their body, who have energy fields and who resonate with the flow of the universe – meat eating closes the energy and physical systems and the spirit inside them is unable to absorb more light. Meat is composed of "condensed" heavy material and the digestive system is not able to "factorize" this heaviness and to absorb light and energy from the meat. Therefore meat eating will soon belong to a bygone age. 


It is very important to enter the new genesis as non-meat-eaters. This will  allow  our digestive system to be once again pure and divine, smart, balanced, balancing, happy and sensitive. Consequently, it will provide us with a lot of energy. As a whole and complete person– we shouldn't eat meat or rear animals for meat.






To be sexual is to be divine. As the soul inside us grows, we gradually understand that the permission to be sexual is actually the permission to be divine, because sex is the middle line between the feminine energy and the masculine energy and through sex and the orgasm - we meet the divine spark within us.


Sex is composed of: tension, charging, "uploading" and relaxation – that allows us to meet the divine spark. The sexual energy within us is channeled to connect the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the body and  the head.


Thus sexual energy is intended to teach us that also in sex – in the most intimate experience with the other – we do not meet the other, rather we meet the divine spark within us.


The ability to be sexual doesn't refer to the sexual act, but to the permission to be sexual at any age. This permission is very important and necessary and at every age we express it differently. To be sexual is also the permission to be composed of  both masculine and feminine energy and therefore to allow the light of the universe to pass through us alongside the other person.


The body organs that are stimulated during the sexual act, such as the lips, symbolize the meeting between feminine and masculine and the light passes between them.


Through the sexual experience and the permission to be sexual, we promote the freedom of choice, the joy of flowing and the ability to love our first home – our body.


The orgasm is an emotional, energy charged and physical reaction that combines the amendment of color, shape and sound – all are tools that contain the light that passes through us.


Most  men experience ejaculation. That is mainly a physical reaction and they miss the emotional and energy reactions – reactions that women experience much more.


We block to a great extent the permission to be sexual creatures. This blocking action serves our need to block all our systems. Thus we search for god outside us; we are unable to communicate with the divine spark within us.


As you already know, there is a connection between the divine spark within us and the exterior divine spark. In order to let the spirit pass through us, our sexual experience must be experienced through decomposed substance and "uploading" of the body. The permission to be sexual will liberate us from  anger and guilt feelings. It will empower the joy inside us and the experience of how divine and special we are. It will reflect how really we permit the first law of the universe: the law of feminine and masculine and the light that passes between them.


Now we are entering a new era in which we will be sexually attracted only to our completers and we will wish to meet the divine spark only with our completers. The reason we have created AIDS in the last few years is carefully pay attention and sort through while asking ourselves: through whom do I wish to meet the divine spark within me?


When a man looks at a woman he mostly sees the body; when a woman  looks at a man she mostly sees the spirit. The mission of the man is to "hold the pipe" through which the unconscious flow that leads the universe  passes. But the expectation is that he will do it every time at a higher level. This is the reason why men sometimes appear to be at such a low spiritual level unable to change, holding on to the same opinions and fears.


In contrast with man, the woman is like a bird that swings and brings the sperm – what the man brings from the collective unconscious that leads the universe. The woman takes the sperm and fills it with spiritual and actual content – this is what we call: Love!


In the previous genesis when a man had sex with a woman all his wishes were to satisfy her and to prove to her what a great supplier of substance he is but this is why he forgot to enjoy it. Therefore, in order to enjoy sex and not merely to prove themselves but to meet the inner divine  spark, men have to change their perception, to breathe, to be more simply  sexual, to breathe and to be happy, to receive and to "upload" and to concentrate on their own satisfaction beside the satisfaction that passes through the woman. Only this way will men be able to have a fuller sexual experience, happier and divine,  with no  pre-ejaculation or impotence. These are, actually, exactly the same problem, but from the opposite aspect.


In other words - things start with perception and  perception derives from the spiritual and actual need within us to meet our completer  and the wish to be only with her/him. Because when we are only with her/him - sex becomes a spiritual experience – it is the theatre in which the angels are the audience.


Since the mission of the woman is to take the substance and fill it with spiritual and actual content, she is the one to vibrate the content and enable the system to flow. Thus, she becomes happier and purer.


As soon as we change our perception in the new genesis, we will be able to bridge the gap between  sexual perception  and the functioning of the body.







Money was created in order to balance the internal and the external. Every one of us has his own "line", his own purpose or issue to promote and develop. We have created the concept of money in order to promote our own purpose in the purest, happiest, fastest and most efficient way so that we may concentrate on our own purpose and not  deal with other people's. At the same time we serve them and receive service from them, in order to stay tuned to our own "line", receive resonance and any amount of money to change energy with the other "lines", in order to enjoy our own line.


We have created the concept of money because it connects us with our ability to receive substances that will serve our spirit. In order to receive them in a way that  will transform them into blessed substances,  we have to clean off  space inside us.


Therefore, although it is certainly not easy, we should, when we pay another person, not pay him/her, but pay the universe. In this way we clean off space within us and permit a double amount of money and a double blessing to "come back" to us – we become tools that empty space in the universe so that a double  light will pass through it.


Only through the experience of emptying space inside us can we start our voyage of receiving balance and joy from the energy called money. I have mentioned before that the thoughts that pass through us are not ours; they are tools of light with a specific frequency that pass through us enabling us to advance and grow up. It is the same with money. It is not ours. It is supposed only to pass through us and strengthen our ability to experience self purification, joy and freedom.


Like any other concept, we can also purify ourselves through the concept of money, but only a few people know how to enjoy this concept. You may be poor people who dream the whole day about money, and therefore lack the ability to enjoy it. And you may be rich so that the concept of money for you becomes a source of constant fear and worry – this is not balanced either. We have to accept the balance and  joy that are concealed within the concept of money, because it is the necessary  condition for joy in our daily life.


We usually fail into our own trap where money is concerned. We are in the habit of saying to ourselves: "Why should we make this huge effort and go such a long way  to reach, that place where we let things happen, where we allow prosperity and balance? Maybe if we have a lot of money we will be able to buy a lot of property, control the opinions and thoughts of other people and by so doing - buy 'lightness' ". By falling into this trap we actually create crystallization, weight ourselves down and sign a long contract of dissatisfaction.


We have to understand that money cannot be ours, but only pass through us and teach us about balance, about the ability to enjoy the material aspects that surround us such as:  our home, food, our car and any other kind of material effects which actually serve us and enable us to have the time to be in our line directed towards our purpose and able to enjoy the voyage. Money can permit us to feel that the universe brings us resonance and material goods. We take the raw materials and give back joy to the universe and in this way the goods become a blessing.


We create the experience of nothingness in order to understand that we create things only within us. Only within us can we give permission. We are usually wrong when we expect miracles and wonders to come from external forces. Or we sometimes wait for the failure of another person, thinking it will be good for us. Sometimes we wait to win the lotto and hope that this win will make us very rich giving us the power to control other people's thoughts and material goods.


In order to repair the experience of nothingness we should know that things can only be  changed from the inside outwards and not vice-versa. This is usually something  we learn when our backs are  to the wall.


In order to have money from now on we have to pay the flow of the universe that flows between us and the person  with us (and not to pay him).We have to pay the universe without dealing with the other person. We don't have to know anything about the other person such as: how much money he earns a day? how easily he gets it and what he's going to do with it? We have to be in this mode so that we don't see the other person; as if he actually doesn't exist. We have to deal only with emptying some space inside us to let in the universe.

As tools, if we don't empty some space, a double light will  be unable to return to us. Thus, this is the only formula where we can balance the inside and the outside creating constant wealth where you feel you always have what you need.


Through the concept of money we create within us the relationships with nearly all the people around us. Therefore the concept of money repairs our fear of receiving. The concept of money contains  the key to experiencing freedom and flowing beside another person. It repairs  our concepts of giving and receiving without causing us to feel either proud or humiliated.


The concept of money also enables us to realize that, if we receive an amount of money, it doesn't matter where it comes from – work, parents or any other source – we were the creators.  All we have to learn is how to let this amount of money pass through us and make us simpler and purer people free of guilt feelings or debts.


Therefore,   the concept of money embodies most of the principles that  teach us about freedom and joy alongside the other person. Money is a concept that implants a common mistake within us – the habit of comparing people. If we can flow beside the concept of money (and this is really a long process) – we will be able, ever more so, to be in our being. We will be able to separate  spirit and  material goods within and around us and through this separation we will  create  attraction and mutual work.


This is actually our wish to learn to be in the here and now and to exchange energy – to 'pay' and empty space inside us without thinking twice. To be able to receive the goods we have just paid for and bring joy and blessings to them – then the spiritual energy we absorb from the goods will make us better tools, happier and able to advance ourselves.


We tend to think that money is not a spiritual entity because we think it is something dirty – but this is a mistake. Only when we are able to flow beside the concept of money will we become spiritual people, balanced and happy, able to fulfill our assignment and to be in the being without feeling guilty – only then can we be a part of the concept of freedom.


Part of  flowing beside the concept of money is to be able to ask how much a certain thing costs, to listen to the rate and decide at that moment  if we think it's worth it (or whether it would have been worthwhile at another time or place). We can choose whether to listen to the rate and say "no", and still meet ourselves when saying  "no", and continue to feel free beside the choice we made, without being angry.


Furthermore we can deal with the implications of our choice as regards the other person. We shouldn't ask ourselves: "how come this person dare  ask for such a high rate?"  We have to meet ourselves, to be within ourselves  and  understand that many times the "no" is just the arrow that directs us on  our way, and on the way we meet things that will make us happier and will touch us in a deeper way.


Therefore when we hear "no" from other people regarding the concept of money or any other concept, we shouldn't be offended or angry. We should understand that we were obligated to create the "no" in order to repair our vulnerability, in order to go on and fine tune ourselves at the next station. One day we will arrive at the next station and then we will bless the person who said 'no' to us, because without his "no" we wouldn't have reached this blessed station.


Therefore when we are at home, in our middle line inside our body, it is easier to receive, react, be and connect to our real need of - "I am the creator". When we are at home we avoid many problems and difficulties. It is never too late to start and connect to the line of balance and joy and when we are in debt, we can in this way bring a blessing to our daily life.


Every time we wish another person success in finding the easiest way to make a lot of money, we actually wish him much more money than he permits himself inside. In this way we wish him to fall into his own trap  - the trap of imperiousness, fixation of thinking, the loss of inner values and the connection with the divine spark within him. We wish him a life full of daily fears and worries.


At the present time the universe is creating an economic crisis in order to change everything we know about the concept of money, to let money be a means of purification and not something that blocks us, so that we may grow up without   fear and future worry: are we going to have  money or not? And in order to stay connected to our designation  and the real reason why we are here and why we chose to be here.


This is the way to flow beside all the other parts, the people around us and the materials that serve us. This is the beginning of the understanding that enables us to open our hands on both sides and let the genesis pass through us. In this situation we are simultaneously givers and takers. Through this process we purify and stay happy and light because the outside and the inside are now balanced. 



The Being


Our physical body is a screen that reflects all our astral bodies and other bodies, all the frequencies and vibrations inside us and around us – anything we have ever been before and everything we should be in the future, our flow system and the blockages inside us, our connections to other upper universes and to the divine spark within us and our ability to be a laboratory of spirit and substance.


As human beings we have never before seen  such a complicated system as ours, but as human beings we should have a flowing, simple, divine and harmonic system - a system that is able to connect  all the contradictions and opposites . We can, consequently, teach and learn,  be in our being, here and now, and able simultaneously to give and receive service. This self purification then leads us to contribute our part to the universe, in this sense - being healthy means - being a creator.


In this chapter I will pass on to you the knowledge that we have to awaken inside us. This knowledge can enable us to be in our being, to be connected to the divine representative inside us and to the external divine representative.


Every event in our former life, every thought, joy, trauma and meeting (meetings happen in many dimensions at the same time) – all are like a photo that is "recorded", registered, and alive. Each has its own frequency. Therefore as human beings we walk in a physical body but we are not really here. We stay in these photos that were not vibrated and still exist. Photos that wish to have our attention all the time and pump into all our energy and strength.


We do actually exist here in a physical sense but we are not really here. We are somewhere in the far past and all the physical  energy systems inside us  exist somewhere in our conscious and unconscious. Our past pushes us toward  these non vibrated photos, but each photo from our past creates a futuristic fear inside us that we call: anxiety.


Therefore we find ourselves in a position where we do receive physical energy into our system as it is now, but we don't have the ability to use this energy and let it pass through us, because our entity is spread across the far past and into the far future. This is the reason why we do indeed physically exist here, but we are not really here.


In order to promote our tool in a way that will be more purified and  able to exist in the being, here and now, we should vibrate the past photos  that are actually a future anxiety.  Insofar as we do this – we will "reduce" (concentrate, minimize) ourselves to the here and now and to the joy of being.


Therefore as entities that wish to learn and teach about the universe and the divine  - we should vibrate the non vibrated photos that we have finished with; photos  we spend so much time on while wondering – why don't we change them?


In order to vibrate these photos we have to "resurrect" them.  Like in a film script – we create a reality that looks exactly like the photo from our past.


In order to look at the photo we have resurrected with new eyes and to recognize that "I am the creator"; in order to learn how to look at things with divine eyes and do what we should have done in the past - all we have to do is this:


Breathe – and look at the photo and meet ourselves beside it

Breathe – and look at the hardness and stay inside our home

Breathe - and look at the suffering and at our tendency not to meet  


Breathe - and be with ourselves

Breathe – without  understanding why

Breathe - and allow ourselves to be uncomplicated beside the

                    complicated photo


Only if we look at the photo differently - will we be able to vibrate the next photo. This is actually why we always feel stuck in the same place with the same kind of people and in the same experience. When we create the photo again and again and we don't meet ourselves – we meet the photo. We actually approach things with the photo from the past, without divine eyes and then we feel guilty.


The feeling of guilt leads to deep frustration and self anger. As I have mentioned before – we are never really angry  at another person, we only express our frustration and rage because of the way we think: hey! We could actually  progress and look at the event differently, but we actually missed the opportunity and therefore we have to create the event again and again.


This feeling strengthens our frustration and leads to more anger.  Again we cannot change our perception and vibrate the photo from the past.

We don't really have to be in the same tough situation in order to meet ourselves beside it and then to vibrate it. When we wake up from our 'sleep', we will  learn that vibrating a photo from the past is actually our ability to change our tendency to react according to the same old patterns and  habits.


When the photo arises – or we fear that the photo will arise or that the event will happen again, or we wish to ignore what happened – all we have to do is:


Breathe – and meet ourselves

Breathe– and stay at home


In this way the tough photo becomes a mirror of the genesis passing between us and in this way the photo changes from a tough thing that takes energy from the past, the present and the future, to a photo that vibrates the past so that we are blessed in the present.


This is why we create that situation that seemingly looks scary and tough. In this kind of situation we have to learn to meet ourselves beside the situation and to feel free beside it.


Therefore our wish is to be entities that are connected with people, items, photos from the past, the thoughts that pass through us – connected but letting the flow of the universe  pass between us and them. 





Power and Simplicity


Power is a situation in which the tool allows the energy and the light to pass through while both hands are in a simultaneous situation of giver and receiver.


For the concepts of strength and simplicity to connect and flow for us side by side; for the concept of power to be a concept that passes through us and  not stay inside us and accumulate; for  our presence to be in the being – we must find the thin line between  wishing for power and  "being in" power without being exhausted. Let the power, that is actually the flow of the universe,  pass through us; let it be a tool that permits energy and  light to pass through it while both hands are simultaneously in a situation of  giver and receiver.


Only this way are we able to amend our tendency to think that we are the owners of the power and of the knowledge and that we are people who give or receive power to and from other people. When we think this way we are far from  acting with simplicity and, therefore, we are far from being the divine representative within us and from meeting the divine representative outside us. We stay in the complex situation, stuck with power accumulation and the wish for power accumulation. We become a nutshell and we have no connection to the divine representative,  inner content or simplicity.


In order to connect the internal and external divine sparks and to promote the flow of the universe between them, we have to be connected to the internal divine spark and to understand that power is actually a passing of energy from one hand to the other. But the body is located between both hands so I am simultaneously a receiver and a giver. I am able to flow with simplicity beside a complicated situation and only beside a complicated situation am I able to feel the simplicity. 


"Simplicity alongside simplicity" is not possible. As human beings you can feel simplicity only if you meet yourself beside a complicated situation without spreading or losing yourself  - only that way will you understand that you created such complexity in order to reach simplicity.


How easy it could have been, for example, like eating a sandwich - to eat a sandwich, to get the power and the balance of it and let it out of the body. But we take the sandwich and make it complicated!!!


How simple it could have been to be happy and flow beside the people we choose to live with, but all our life we are busy with them and with the way they think and the way they behave and also here we complicate and become complicated! How simple it could be to make love and in this way to meet the inner spark within us, but we usually make it so complicated.


How simple it could  be  when we talk – we talk to ourselves beside the other person and in this way –  let the things that come into our mouth  talk (touch) to us and if they talk to us – they will talk and touch the other person. But what do we actually do? We talk to the other person and in this way we are always frustrated because "nobody  listens to us".


We can't reach simplicity if we have not complicated things before, because simplicity is attained by passing from the complicated dimension to the next dimension which is simplicity. Simplicity is the beginning of the previous  dimension that has reached the end. Simplicity is the ability to dredge up the divine spark from a complicated situation.


Therefore we have to stop thinking that we give power, love and support to the others because "we are such  good people, full of power and success". We have to let the universe pass through us and between us. In this way we will be simple, divine and full of power and energy. In this way we can develop the ability to be simple beside the next complication that we will create in the future.


When we are spiritually and physically exhausted – it means that we are far from being simple, therefore  we  have to remind ourselves all the time of the concept of simplicity. We have to meditate on this concept from time to time and practice putting more simplicity into our glance – then we will find ourselves flowing and happy beside issues that once were very complicated for us.


In this way we will be full of power – but the power will not be ours, because we, as entities of light, have nothing – neither power, nor money. The children are not ours, property is not ours, the light and energy are not ours – in the best case all these things will have  permission to pass through us and beside us in order to purify us. If we accept in a simple way our tendency to complicate things, we will  find ourselves complicating things with a simple ability to decipher the code inside the complication that is actually – simplicity.




The Healing


To heal is the ability to stay neutral beside someone  who is suffering and  whose system is blocked .It is the ability to let the light pass inside me while at the same time acting with simplicity beside a sick person. It is the ability to understand and let the light of the universe  pass between us, the ability to accept myself beside that person, because I have already experienced this situation.


This is one of the reasons why we as tools create problems and fears, because only if we have experienced them and we are able to turn the fears and the problems into light – only then will we be able to heal others, to be neutral and let the light and the joy pass between us beside a blocked, complicated, scared and  sick tool.


As a healer I, like any other person, transmit to the universe from the places within me that are already purified and have turned into places of simplicity. Of course, my transmission to the universe happens unconsciously.


We are pulling and pushing to the end, but actually – there is no end to anything, but only to a certain need. Only at the end, when our back is to the wall, will we  be able to end this need inside us and create a new beginning. Therefore people reach me at the end, only at the point when they wake up or become blind! Here, when your essence is telling you that it is about time to give up the thought from the blocked place inside you, you learn that this place has the potential to heal, to be the representative of the genesis and bring back light to the universe.


I, Michael Meir Asdo, through whom all healing of physical and spiritual sicknesses has  passed  by healing and transforming the fear into a source of power, now know that to heal others means  healing myself beside them. Healing means - creating an ability to behave with simplicity, while not losing ourselves inside a complicated situation. In this way I receive a large amount of light and energy that passes through me, curing and purifying me. Then I let the light of the universe pass between me and the sick person.


The amount of light and energy that passes through me will usually wake and cure the person in front of me.


When a person comes to me for treatment, I first check if his essence (spirit and soul) is in his body. If he is connected, or not, then I figure out what "photo" to vibrate, what disturbed the spirit inside the body and in this way I can understand  the physical and spiritual situation,  his way of thinking and his perceptions. I can see the light  passing through him and his physical and spiritual blockages.


I love to combine the connecting of the spirit with the vibration of the systems and a deep massaging of the body. We are a system full of patterns, habits, fears and shrinking within ourselves. We find ourselves distorted both physically and physiologically, because for many years the process has led us to shrink back, unable to find the divine spark within us. Therefore I need to touch the person and open blockages, to bring organs back to life, to charge the brain, to reduce the stomach, to open the liver, to massage blood vessels, to lengthen the muscles and to fine tune all the systems including the spiritual systems.


When I start to flow beside another person at the beginning of the treatment, his physical systems start to permit the spirit that has just connected to enter the body – to return home. In the places that I tune, open and operate, the light starts to pass through and the body starts to shake. This is a reaction to the release, flow and revival of the organs and cells in our body.


When I start to fix a system, I start by fixing the fear that created it, but I will not be able to fix it if the person relates to the fear as something he has to get rid of. We can only fix the fear if we understand the reasons why the person created the system in which the fear is located. The thought came to that place and blocked it. Now, while healing, it is time for this thought to go back to the cloud of knowledge. In this way the organ is cured and it "tells" the thought: "it is ok that up to now I needed to block the system, and it is ok that now I need to open it".


The permission to open up, while engendering a huge sense of awakening and joy, causes us to bless the problem that was before a pain or an illness, and  we quickly understand that without this blockage or pain we would never have  reached this phase.


Therefore a healthy person is someone who is or has just become capable of feeling the blessing and the additional light that come as a result of the illness and the pain, the newly-found freedom in his body and  the way he thinks. Because when he thinks now exactly the same thought that  not long ago caused him discomfort or anxiety, he is no longer afraid. He is happy and flows beside it.


I have just told you about the first phase of the healing process that  connects  the soul to the body and opens the main seal so that the soul will return and  exist in this dimension.


Now comes the phase when I am happy to tune the perception of the person with spiritual tools  that will allow him to flow beside the people – those people we have chosen to be beside  while we heal ourselves;  those people who hold the same thought, but on the other hand,  those who actually surrounded us all the time. And in this way, when the tools already exist inside us, we will learn to put freedom into our lives – freedom that is necessary in this genesis. The thoughts that will pass through us will be tools of excitement and the ability to  rediscover, not a source of anxiety and fear.


In this way, all the issues in our lives and all the people we meet, such as family, friends, neighbors, sex, food, money, our bodies – all will be a source of joy, not a source of frustration and  constant disappointment.


I don't teach people to walk on Mars because I don't know how to do this, but I certainly teach and learn in a simple way how you can transform your life into a flowing life, full of interest, full of curiosity and wonders, discovery and pleasure. If this knowledge didn't exist inside me, it wouldn't pass through me and beyond. This is why I am so happy and feel so grateful to be my own representative in a very simple way - human, happy and blessed.


We are nowadays in the new genesis, in a phase in which life is getting longer and fuller. After the person connects to his soul, vibrates his past, tunes the way he eats and the way he looks at things, he is in that phase in which the body gets younger and younger, the systems are opening up and becoming tools that the light  passes through in a way that didn't happen for thousands of years. Therefore we are now in the era of light.

Moreover - the process and the way we think should now be much faster.


Many of us, especially in recent years, think that they are healers because they have special powers.  They believe they are the center and that the light  passes through them, that they are great people that cure others, they are the special ones and  they are connected to god. But this is not healing – this is killing.


We already know that we receive only what we project. If we still hold the opinion that illness or pain or fear are a problem that we have to get rid of, and that we can find a doctor or a spiritual healer who will solve it, then we fall into our own trap. Therefore we need to create the problem again and repeat the same process with  double suffering in order to wake up the next time.


There is no doubt that, because we ourselves have to proceed along the path, it is highly frustrating and it distances us from  awakening and understanding that we are the creators of the problem. We create the problem so that  more light will pass through our tool and purify it. This is the importance of our perceptions and this is why we should start to change our perceptions. Because only we, not a healer, are able to change our perspective from the inside to the outside. Only we can be in a place in which we accept ourselves beside the pain without  the ability or need to understand and know at the precise moment why I needed this pain.


If we accept ourselves beside the pain – we will gain insight and comprehension as well as  understanding and with every passing day we will become aware of more and more reasons why I created the pain.


This is the only way to really wake up and become healers in this genesis, healers whose perception flows beside suffering, illness and difficulty. Therefore the process of healing is multi-dimensional and what actually unifies the dimensions is the perception of: I am the creator.





Astrology and our sign


As human beings, entities and tools, we choose the time and  place we are born in order to progress – it is not a matter of luck! Our soul chooses to transfer from spirit to material through the frequencies of a certain constellation – 1 of 12. That's how we choose the way the tool and the light will learn and teach, how we will fix our essence and learn to connect  the inside and the outside.


Every 30 days the sun moves from one constellation to another. When we are born into a certain astrology sign, we actually choose that the light that passes through us will be of the same frequency as the light of the constellation which we chose to be born into.


The sign opposite ours on our astrology chart is the complementary to our own. This sign will serve as a tool for us and will let the light  pass inside it. That means if I, for example, choose to be born into the constellation of Aries, then my light and inspiration will derive from Aries, but the tool that  contains the light will come from Libra, because  whenever the sun is located in a certain constellation – earth is located in the opposite  complementary sign.


Therefore we, as entities, are not supposed to fix a certain sign, but a certain line – which is the tool and the light. Understanding the various frequencies of the constellation is indeed one of the most important tools to understanding major processes of the universe.


The stars do not affect us and we do not affect them. The stars are the tools,  the letters of the alphabet, that are located far away. When we look at them we learn about the processes that are happening in the universe and within us. We learn about the frequencies that flow in the universe and change from one dimension to another.


For example, if it is Libra's frequency which is flowing right now – it will affect human beings differently from flowers, animals or stones. Each substance of the universe will experience the same frequency in a different way and each frequency teaches us about the connection between the different tools.

 Therefore, understanding the activated forces within us and the way the frequencies flow,  is the ability to understand where  we come from and where we are going.  But it is not a simple futurology. It neither minimizes us nor limits our ability to flow and develop.


Talking about futurity – we have no future. We are a laboratory of spirit and material and we have to learn how to enjoy every moment.   If we were flowing and  met ourselves today – our tomorrow would be totally different and if we didn't – our tomorrow would be stuck.


Our future can change and be made easier if we let the light  pass through us.  In this way we open up our ability to dredge up light in our self-meeting with closed photos and we let the process of spirit and material be the open door.


The right and safest thing in life is to be at home. In this way we serve the universe and receive service from the universe through that open door. Only this way can we stay in our line and bless every change we pass through. So every person should agree also to the astrology sign in front of him and to divide both signs  into the light and the tool. In this way life will be simpler and much more enjoyable.


The earth is repeatedly located between the moon and the light – this is the time when we look and see a full  moon for two and a half days. At  that time the moon reflects the greatest amount of light from the sun through us. When the moon is full, we - as human beings, are given the opportunity to  tune the tool and the light (therefore all the Jewish holy days take place during the full moon).


We experience the line of the full moon twice a year. The first time we must fix the light by fixing the line and the second time we have to fix the tool by fixing the light (Jewish festivals: Shevat 16th and Av 16th). This process teaches us to be in the present and to enjoy the journey because the only target we have in life is the enjoyment of the journey.


This process teaches us the ability to be everything and nothing, spirit and substance, masculine and feminine and it also teaches us that paradoxes  come into our life in order to further our progress. For six months we carry the inner divine spark inside us. For the previous six months this was the exterior divine spark. This is actually Divinity = promoting the principle of the tool and the light.





In this chapter I will describe a few tuning techniques, flowing and renewal:


۞  A person should sleep with his head facing the east side of the room. In this way it is easier for the body systems and the light that passes through them to fine tune and channel the organs.


۞  I recommend avoiding  meat of any kind. If you stop eating meat you will soon feel your body is  younger and that it is  tuning itself to the new genesis.


۞  When you find yourself angry, accusing, afraid, blocked, shrunken – I recommend you  breathe and  choose a certain point on your head from the crown down to the chin in a straight line. Breathe and allow yourself to feel the pain at that particular point. In this way all the physical and energy  systems will once again become an open tool and not an accusing one. In this way we learn to change the patterns and  habits  within us. As time passes our consciousness will increasingly wake up because we are the creators and  we never suffer because of other people.


۞  If you have a birth mark or a scar they cause blockages and a vacuum, which is also an environmental vacuum. I then recommend  taking a felt-tipped pen and drawing a spiral on it or a zigzag. In this way you bring alive that closed place.


۞  It is very important to understand that anything we need is needed in order to know that we don't actually need it anymore. That signifies that we have already developed these abilities within us.


۞  I recommend wearing clothes that are made of light fabrics.


۞  I recommend using stones filled with rust (the first energy source residing in the substance of earth). This is why we are so attracted to places like Sinai, Sadone, the Atlas Mountains – they are all places with a very high concentration of rust. I recommend  taking small red stones that are filled with rust and bringing them into our daily life. Put them in the water you drink, into your body lotion, your hair gel and next to your computers.


۞  I recommend you build your houses with ceramic tiles, not marble or Jerusalem stone.


۞ I recommend you buy parsley seeds and put them beside your computers, TVs, car seats or personal bags. In this way your energy fields will remain open and flowing alongside the electronic devices which radiate and prevent the flow from reaching us.


۞  I recommend you connect with joy and simplicity to the light consciousness  whether by relaxation before you go to sleep or when you wake-up. I recommend that you be simple and open. In other words:  let the light  pass through you and into your HOME.











Massaging points




      *  Vertebra of the gate of  THE spirit

     ^  Vertebra of the gate of material

      ______   Shin line – The opening of the hearth


1.     Mastorid bones – The permission to be godly and sexual, separation between spirit and mind, head and body, blocked thoughts.


2.     Ego, grabbing, possessiveness


3.     The fear of being taken advantage of by the other gender; the fear that other people will take from me, the fear that I give more than I get


4.     The ability to be sexual in daily life – the energy of light, love and joy, the ability to empty oneself in order to fill oneself again


5.     The fear of the other gender – fixing the need to be "over nice", fixing the fear of softness


6.     One centimeter  above the middle vertical of the back of the knee – The ability to experience blessing in anything ONE DOES.  One centimeter  bellow the middle vertical of the back of the knee – The way one expresses blessing in daily life.


7.      The line of designation – Twin muscles.


8.     Above the heel, behind the ankle in both legs – The permission whereby the person lets himself  be present on the ground, lets himself be here, gives respect to human beings and respect to the earth.


9.      Inner line of the thigh – guilt feelings


10. External line of the thigh – self anger

11.  The point beside the knee – Blood, anemia, period pains


12. Diaphragm – The ability to change, the ability to clean oneself


13.  The line of the crotch – You vibrate (spiritually only) the  

              relationship between parents and children


14. Ego, the self, imperiousness


15.  The fear of air – opening of the crotch, lungs and bronchus


16. Mastroid bones – spirit and intellect


17. The third eye – you have to touch in a spiral shape and say: I am (name) balancing between: material and spirit, head and body, intellect and soul