Ecological Mind - Strengthening the Immune System

Through Activation of the DNA Alignment
For all the family in 32 languages

Thank you Guys


I would like to thank all the beautiful people who helped me to create this source of knowledge and therefore – to fulfill my spiritual designation:


To Galit Bar-Yosef for channeling this amazing knowledge in such a creative way


To Keren Madari and Yonat Abir –

for helping with fine tuning the English texts

To Ali Pournourbakhsh – for the Farsi version

To Paul Vermeer – for the Dutch version

To Fabian Patrigot – For the French version

To Olga Sánchez  and Marta Abelló  - for the Spanish version


To Olga Sánchez - for the Catalan version


To Venus Anna – for the German Version


To Konna Rode – for the Greek version


To Audronės Molytės – for the Lithuanian version


To Irena Idelman - for the Russian version


To Father Henry OSB and Giovanni Ruggeri – for the Italian version


To Lucci Arielly and Victor Fisher – for the Romanian version


To Janeth Gustavsson for the Portuguese version

To Genta Nishica for the Albenian version

To Oen Petrus Ariel and Winston Zhang for the Chinese version


To Janeth Gustavsson for the Swedish version


To Przemysława Szulczyk for the Polish version


To Laura Elina Romppainen for the Finnish version


To Yuko Kubota for the Japanese version


To KrasiMira ValkaNova for the Bulgarian version


To Mara Brante for the Latvian version


To Maria Alexia Clausen for the Danish version


To Jan Procházka for the Czech version


To Bahar Aykaç  for the Turkish version


To  Cs.Á. for the Hungarian version


To Yoo Jeong Polhuijs Song for the Korean version


To Shakil Ismail for the Arabic version


To Shakil Ismail for the Hindu version


To Shakil Ismail for the Tagalog-Philipino version


To Tiina Pärnpuufor  for the Estonian version 

To myself - Ronit Haham